Innovation and tradition by Pizza & Other. In the world’s most famous crispy and tasty disc in two versions, traditional according to the Neapolitan tradition and innovative according to the most suitable standard for the reference market, thin, crunchy and with little edge.

The gastronomic symbol of Naples, the Pizza, a Unesco heritage site, produced by Pizza & Other based in Campania, enters the new era of food. Designed and created for the modern consumer who is careful about the quality of the ingredients and their origin, the frozen pizzas in the new Gran Gourmet Line respond to all effects for the current food trends, particularly of the Northern Europe citizens.

00 wheat flour, selected from the best and high quality, organic ingredients, a great attention Made in Italy, vegan products, natural yeast and artisanal processing make these products an excellent solution for pizza lovers, which still retains all the nutritional principles and flavours of the Neapolitan tradition. The new line also includes vegetarian pizzas to meet the needs of a greater consumption of vegetables.

Not only tailor-made products based on consumption and the 3.0 company concept, but also attention to the environment.

The company has in fact activated a collaboration with the University of Naples for a research project aimed at the qualitative implementation of products and a green packaging system with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Kilde / Foto: Pizza&Other Srl

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